Green revolutionary cleaning service company the sparkle for your home

We are changing the home and garden cleaning service from what it used to be to a more reformed service provider that have at heart all the expectations of clients and strive to exceed those expectation by providing quality services that will wow clients at an affordable rate and convenience.

Begin and end the day in a sparkling clean home…

About Us

Mffcleaningservices is a renowned home cleaning company based in Melbourne; with over hundreds of our cleaners spread across Australia, we have ranked to be one of the best emergency maid service providers in Melbourne. Our services have proven to be second to none with high quality standard, experienced and eco friendly cleaners that will definitely keep your apartment and surroundings safe and cleaner. Leave the neatness of your home to us and be occupied with other activities, we are easy to be reached just contact us on 0423655803 and we will book you in less than 60 seconds.


We assure you of a wonderful experience and will re-clean any area of concern if you are still not happy enough to recommend us to a friend. We also guarantee a refund just to make sure you are satisfied


Of course not! We are more than just cleaners, we are professional green cleaning services provider equipped with staffs that derive fun and offer diverse housing services such as

Begin and end the day in a sparkling clean home…


At Mffcleaningservices we practice division of labor which is why we send out two or more person teams that will work with each other, specializing on different aspect to effectively carry out an impeccable cleaning.

We share in your believe that a clean and tidy apartment adds to health benefit and also, the cleaners carrying out this duties at your home matters. This is why we offer cleaners that we have carefully selected and of course certified by the authorities to bring out that wonderful view of your apartment with a crystal clean.