Regular Service Discount

Are you in need of an experienced cleaner for your regular apartment tidiness? Check out our outstanding deals with discounts

10% off Weekly Services!
10% off Fortnightly Services!
5% off Monthly Services!

Hourly Rate

For your hourly housework we also offer professional cleaners that will carry out excellent cleaning services at affordable prices. Our target time for hourly rate is Minimum of 2hours, and we can be very flexible while cleaning.

Hourly Rate
All our Prices for regular hourly services include the following discounts:
Weekly $30.5
Fortnightly $35.5
Monthly $37.50
One off $39
cleaning services
The prices of our move in/out services with deep clean extras available on the booking form includes
One $99
Two $115
Three $129
Four $150
Five $199
Six $219

Full House cleaning Services

For a perfect thorough clean of the whole house, the “Deep clean” is recommended and here the prices do not vary according to the number of your bedrooms and studies. Is the last thorough clean of your home over a month? Then choose this service.

We offer magnificent home cleaning services like you have never seen!


Offers included in your services

We assure you of the highest quality service any cleaning company can offer. Our cleaners are flexible even for hourly services and will perform ultimately at any given task. For full home cleaning services we carry out general standard cleaning with no time limitation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a deep clean if your house has not been cleaned in a while. Below are list of home cleaning services we cover.

For your Kitchen Spaces

We remove all cobwebs
We dust your window ledges and furniture
We clean your stove top
We clean your microwave
We clean your counter tops
We clean large electronic appliances
We Scrub & Clean your Sinks
We Polish all your Stainless Steel surfaces
We dust and Wipe every door
We empty your waste bins
We dust and wipe your laundry area
We vacuum your kitchen and laundry floors
We mop your kitchen and laundry Floors

For your Bath and Tub Spaces

We remove cobwebs
We dust your Window Ledges & Furniture
We wipe your bathroom Cabinets
We scrub and Clean your sinks
We clean your counter tops
We clean your mirrors & Shine your chrome
We scrub and clean your toilets
We scrub and clean your tubs
We scrub and clean your showers
We empty your waste Bins
We vacuum your bathroom floors and rugs
We mop your bathroom floors
We dust and Wipe your doors

For your Bedroom and Living Spaces

We remove cobwebs
We dust your window Ledges and Furniture
We clean your Glass Table Tops
We empty your waste bins
We vacuum all your carpet, Small Rugs and Stairs
We vacuum your closet Shelves and drawers
We dust and wipe your doors


Of course not! We are more than just cleaners, we are professional green cleaning services provider equipped with staffs that derive fun and offer diverse housing services such as:

We offer exquisite home cleaning services like no other!

Services We Do Not Render

We offer almost all kinds of cleaning services except wet wiping light bulbs and putting away dishes because of the high risk in breakage and would not want to rearrange things the wrong way. But for other quality cleaning services, we offer the very best standard at affordable price.



We promise to bring out the utmost beauty of your home with well tailored cleaning services and if you are not completely satisfied, we will re-clean any area of concern or refund just to make sure you are happy.